Roll One – January 2017. Frosty Reflections.

Frosty Reflections. f1.7, 1/125 second I had warned of mundanity in my previous blog post, but you have only just been spared the most uninspired set of pictures that existed. I mean really drab. Putting-the-mono-in monochrome types shots. The highlight was going to be a cat on a bin (I'm not kidding, here it is) … Continue reading Roll One – January 2017. Frosty Reflections.


Roll zero – December 2016

"An inner process stands in need of outward criteria" - Ludwig Wittgenstein. Philosophical Investigations 1:58 2016 was the year I started developing black and white film. Happy to say I've had some great results, or at least results I am genuinely happy to call my own. The problem is that some have been far worse, … Continue reading Roll zero – December 2016