(S)lightspeed. Part 1

I have started a new experiment/project. The initial impetus was a roll or two of slide film back from the lab that were nearly unusable, being partly over-exposed. Trying not berate myself too much, I thought let's learn from This. Figuring I needed to err on the side of underexposure, I thought I'd try some night exposures. … Continue reading (S)lightspeed. Part 1


Roll three – March 2017.  The Same River, Twice.

Seeing as my aim was to shoot a roll, develop, scan and reflect each month, I have left this a bit late. I have started writing this on the 26th, having just today finished the roll which I began only yesterday. I was unsure whether I'd even work out time to shoot a roll this … Continue reading Roll three – March 2017.  The Same River, Twice.