Roll three – March 2017.  The Same River, Twice.

Seeing as my aim was to shoot a roll, develop, scan and reflect each month, I have left this a bit late. I have started writing this on the 26th, having just today finished the roll which I began only yesterday. I was unsure whether I’d even work out time to shoot a roll this month, seeing as it is getting close to the end and I needed to shoot a roll (now done), develop, scan and write about the it. Nevertheless, I really didn’t want to feel like I had failed this little project on the third month; really no distance through it.

I have not yet developed it at the time of writing this bit, and furthermore I do not hold out much hope for it being anything that impressive, or that good.

Anyway, I will return to this post, once I have developed it and can speak more objectively.

Honest Coffee

Developing: check. Scanning: check. Overall, I am happier than I expected. I am, as usual, happy with some and unhappy with others. Most of the roll was shot on a very bright (and therefore contrasty) day. I developed for 13:30 minutes instead of 15 minutes and this has helped some highlights but some are still too far gone. Having shot a roll of Kodak TMax the week prior (quite a different film), I definitely feel more at home with FP4+.


None of these shots came out quite as I had planned, but I like them in ways. They were all, in part, attempts to get shadow detail without blowing the highlights in fairly high contrast scenes. The house in the picture on the right is so bright it is just distracting.

The Church of St Mary of the Assumption

I returned to shoot the same shot I had shot last October. It’s interesting to see the the difference the time of year makes on the scene. However, the biggest difference is between the Ilford FP4+ on the left, and XP2 Super on the right.


Mary making more assumptions

“No man steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river, and he is not the same man.”

– Heraclitus

A small stream flows from the Broadwell, the source of water for the village until about the 1950s

img388Stream from the Broadwell

img384Wading with Nanna

img390Testing the Water.

And…other photos

img393Daffodils shot on black and white are … erm, different



Tunnels of growth


3 thoughts on “Roll three – March 2017.  The Same River, Twice.

  1. I love following along this blog. You may have read in Let’s Explore Magazine that I went to a missionary school with some British expatriate teachers. Thus my imagination was in no small part fueled by tales from Britain (or is it not the right word?)
    Add to that the movies and books and poems and I once wondered if I wanted to live in the British countryside. No matter the technical qualities of the photos (which ain’t half bad) the narrative with the photos makes me remember those books and movies.
    Keep it up.


    1. Cheers Dev, value your support on it all. No I hadn’t seen that. That is really interesting, is that in Let’s Explore 00 or 01? I haven’t read the second one. Though I will at some point. The British countryside is great in ways, but is lacking in others. Like sunshine, for one.


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