(S)lightspeed. Part 1


I have started a new experiment/project. The initial impetus was a roll or two of slide film back from the lab that were nearly unusable, being partly over-exposed. Trying not berate myself too much, I thought let’s learn from This. Figuring I needed to err on the side of underexposure, I thought I’d try some night exposures.

I knew I wanted to try to capture some movement and light, so I shot a few frames that were mainly propped up on bins, benches and whatever else I could use/find . One particular shot on that roll of Provia 100f (the first shot below – it’sa bus, by the way) was something that really stood out to me. So I figured I’d carry on in that vein. The next roll was Sensia 100, most of which was shot in this style with a slight variation on equipment used. RC instead of SP, a mini tripod and shutter release cable instead of timer.

All shots featured below are 1-5 seconds, using tripod and shot on 35mm expired Fujichrome Provia 100f or Sensia 100. The second roll was shot over various evening/night strolls, over the course of about a month.

Individually, I like the shots. However, it is as a set that I think they really shine. I will continue to add to it. My intention is to record exposure settings in future rolls to be able to better replicate/repeat the style I want.

Below is the main setup for these shots:


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