Roll Four – April 2017. Whereof one cannot speak.

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent.

-Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus

I made a couple of (rather slight) changes to the set up this month.

  • Firstly I used the Olympus 35 RC instead of the SP. So what? You say. Yea, it’s no big thing really. But it does mean no spot meter which had an effect on some shots, though I probably won’t even share those ones.
  • Secondly, I developed this roll in Rodinal at a dilution of 1:25 instead of 1:50. Again, who cares? The main reason was to save a bit of time and the difference is not huge. 

There were a couple of bloopers with camera/film/development issues of some sort. In one shot, the winder didn’t wind all the way (see later) and in another shot the exposure seems to change mid-shot leading to a change in brightness of the sky. I cannot fully work out the reason for either of these. But, oh well.

I think that every roll so far has had at least one shot in the same local park, this month is no different (I go there a lot with my son). I have become drawn to photographing this old summer house, it creates good reflections. As it turns out, this roll ended up including one of my all time favourite shots: the shot below. It’s hard to pinpoint why, but it has mystery, it’s slightly eerie , variations of light, reflections, framing and subframing (and Dylan).

At some point we visited the Atwell Wilson Motor Museum, full of nice vintage cars. Most of it was too dark to shoot with this film so I mainly shot HP5 at 1600 in my Pentax MX. However, I did fire off a few shots outside.

Error: overlapping frames. I have no idea why this happened but I kinda like it so, here you go:

[edit] it turns out that the following two shots are scans of the same frame but with “dust removal” left on. Clearly the scanner thought those letters were unwanted dust and removed them!

There’s a bluebell forest nearby. Here’s mainly trees, seeing as bluebells don’t look so great in black and white (maybe I shoot too many trees. Can you shoot too many trees?)

It has been an uncharacteristically sunny past two weeks here in Wiltshire, UK. That shiny stuff in the photos, that’s real sun.

And some shots I am particularly happy with. Mysterious foresty dappled lightness:

That’s all, folks.


3 thoughts on “Roll Four – April 2017. Whereof one cannot speak.

  1. I like your all time favorite shot as well. Very well done.
    One obvious difference on the shots of the car is the name on the hood. In one you can see all of it, in the other only one letter. And I don’t know why. What really caught my eye is that the cloud pattern in the background is identical!! That’s amazing given the two photos were two hours apart!
    The stream shots are great. I really like them and one of the reasons is they remind of when I have been in places with brooks and streams like that. And that I think is a very important quality of a photo/picture: to be able to evoke memories and emotions in the viewer. Most of the time we are like, meh, yeah cute photo, but what is it to me. But when something in it resonates with us, we suddenly like it.

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    1. I have worked out the car photos! I had thought the same about the clouds so looked at the negatives and realised I had an ther shot but that this is two of the same shot. So the letter differences are scanner based. I do not get why. I scanned again and a few other letters appeared but not all. Very strange, but still makes a bit more sense!

      Thanks. Those streams photos came out nicely, the scan isn’t so sharp as usual but it maybe adds to the ethereal feel to it.


      1. Sharpness is overrated. Or is a bourgeoisie concept.

        Yeah I am curious about the car scans. But now I am also curious about the other car photo taken 2 hrs later? Or do you think the original question no longer stands since it was based on these two identical photos? Not sure why the scanner would do that!


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