Nettar pinhole

In April 2016 I was given a Zeiss Ikon Nettar by a relative who had found it in a charity shop. It all worked great… for about ten minutes and the shutter blades quickly started to stick.

I attempted an initial fix. Dismantled, fiddled and sort of floundered. Some progress was made, it stuck less on 1/200 second. But still massive issues on other speeds.

After a substantial amount of dismantling (and reassembling to be sure I didn’t loose track), I got to this stage. At this point I basically got stuck. Not that I couldn’t see what needed to come off next, rather there were a large number of tightly wound springs, cogs and stuff intricately assembled and I had not found enough online to safeguard the camera.

Anyway I continued, removed more and definitely got out of my depth. The camera didn’t work So I figured, either I will fix it (unlikely) or it’ll be beyond repair but it’ll be interesting.

I kept removing bits like this…

…and mainly got more and more excited/interested and stressed/anxious. Things were not working, so I reassembled as much  as possible and placed it on the shelf.

12 months later

I decided I would create a frankenstein’s monster type creation by removing the pinhole from a cardboard 35mm pinhole camera I had (a present from another relative) and attaching it to this 6×6 120 camera. Didn’t know how well it would work but nothing to lose

A Supermassive disassembly took place. It was VERY fun. It is now all in a bag, you know, just in case I need some of it.

The pinhole was attached with electrical tape, with a very basic tape-shutter, and voila:

I shot a roll of Fuji Acros in it to try it out and ‘scanned’ with a DSLR set up and here are some of the results:

Untitled. This one was about 3-4 seconds in overcast bright day.

The family. 3-4 seconds. Sun behind the subjects isn’t the best idea

Mini-Chair. About a 4 minute exposure inside with window and an artificial light.
I think this will be fun to play with…


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