Roll five – May 2017

You may notice (or not, as it is probably not that important), that this post is late. It is not, in fact, in May [shock, horror].

About a week before the end of May, I realised that there was no chance I would get the roll finished, developed and written about. My response was typical for me: “scrap the whole thing, what’s the point? Burn it all”. Nicola (my wife) pointed out the stupidity of this way of seeing it (well she said it in nicer terms), and so I just finished the roll when I could, and got on with it as and when there was the time to do so.

This made me reflect on what I am doing with this project-type-thing, is there actually a point? The initial aim was to shoot, develop and share thoughts on a roll a week. Nevertheless, the more important point was to try to improve my ability to shoot a film that I had come to really like. I had wanted to set clear goals/guidelines to focus me and to encourage development (no pun intended) and consistency in my photography. Meeting this goal each month is surely just a means to an end  l

In shooting FP4 again and again, and developing it in the same (or similar) ways, I am sorry of happy to say I think I’m starting make some gains:

  1. I have, in my head a pretty good idea of the circumstances in which the film works well,
  2. I am more able to ‘see’ a final image and often get to that final image.
  3. there are aspects of my development I am getting better at than before.

Furthermore, this last month has been productive photographically in other ways. I have fixed a lens by dismantling and lubricating it. I’ve bodged a pinhole camera (see earlier post), and  I recently started printing some shots in a local darkroom. This is obscenely fun, and a bit easier than expected. However, I am only at the basics and obviously mastering it is a long and very intricate jounrey. Here is on from a week or so ago that I printed:


Learning the skills involved is a great experience and I’m lucky to have an expert willing to guide me.


Me trying out dodging and burning

Anyway, back to the point, here are the pictures from this month’s FP4. I am happy with the first one, though it seems an easy win in terms of the composition. I have shot a few of my fantastic boys this month too. Probably main stand out images are the ones from under the tree. They have a glowing feel to them somewhat similar to black and white infra red film.









5 thoughts on “Roll five – May 2017

  1. The slightly closer under the tree shot really does shimmer. Really like it. Also stop pressuring yo’self part of it is also about the enjoyment.

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