Most years my son and I visit the circus, when it's in town - except for last year (guess why). The two previous times we've been, it has been the rather confidently named 'Circuis Wonderland'. They pretty much loved up to their name. They were good. The first time was notably better than the next … Continue reading Circus

Purple Henge

We visited stonehenge for the first time in quite a few years. It is only a few miles away from where I live (possibly a 45 minutes drive), but it is expensive, so we rarely go. I took a few cameras, though this roll was Lomochrome Purple in the Fuji GW690ii. I have seen so … Continue reading Purple Henge

Simple Use

"Aha. My analogue wonderland package has arrived", or so I thought. No, this was not what I had ordered. This was actually a parcel from Sandeep (@Givemeabiscuit on Twitter). He had been kindly gifted a Lomography Simple Use camera (a reusable-disposable one) with a roll of film by Paul from Analogue Wonderland to help him … Continue reading Simple Use

Iceland. The land of pinholes and Holga

The following blog post was found in my drafts. It is from about a year ago, by the looks of how it was written and what it is written about (Iceland last April)... I spent about 4 days in Iceland recently. Whilst there i shot a range of cameras and films. For digital, I just … Continue reading Iceland. The land of pinholes and Holga