Circus Wonderland

2018 marks exactly 250 years since Philip Astley began the first circus in the UK, and Circus Wonderland is in town. Showing off his horse riding prowess on a circular indoor track, Astley apparently filled the gaps between his acts with jugglers, magicians and the likes, and the circus was born. The last couple of … Continue reading Circus Wonderland


Roll Eight – February 2018

It's that time of the month, and I've shot some film, developed it, and come to share it. I've shot two rolls of FP4 this week. But seeing as the rolls only allow for 8 shots in this camera, I only end up with about 14 shareable shots. Still not a huge amount (if this … Continue reading Roll Eight – February 2018

London photowalk, June 2017. Roll one, Kodak Double X

At some point a few months back, Martin and Sandeep had floated the idea of a photowalk around London. It sounded like a great idea, and having not met many (any) online film photography folk, I signed up. Time passed, the 24th June arrived, and the meet-up was on. I drove to Swindon and got the … Continue reading London photowalk, June 2017. Roll one, Kodak Double X