I had never heard of pick your own sunflowers before. This summer due to the virus, a local garden centre changed the purpose of some fields. One became pick your own sunflowers (£1 a piece) and one became pick your own sweetcorn (50p a piece). My youngest ate two whole raw cobs when we were … Continue reading Sunflowers

Broken sheds

A short while before the Covid 19 pandemic, there had been a storm which had been fairly damaging (damaging compared to other storms we encounter here). I had decided to take the Olympus 35RC out and shoot all these sheds that had fallen down in the wind at the allotment. They were all just lying … Continue reading Broken sheds

Simple Use

"Aha. My analogue wonderland package has arrived", or so I thought. No, this was not what I had ordered. This was actually a parcel from Sandeep (@Givemeabiscuit on Twitter). He had been kindly gifted a Lomography Simple Use camera (a reusable-disposable one) with a roll of film by Paul from Analogue Wonderland to help him … Continue reading Simple Use

Iceland. The land of pinholes and Holga

The following blog post was found in my drafts. It is from about a year ago, by the looks of how it was written and what it is written about (Iceland last April)... I spent about 4 days in Iceland recently. Whilst there i shot a range of cameras and films. For digital, I just … Continue reading Iceland. The land of pinholes and Holga

Snow Chance

These past few days, it snowed. A lot by our standards. It seemed to be about 20cm or so by the time I measured it. It fell fast on Thursday night, Friday, and stayed through Saturday and sunday. At about 0°C, with 15 mph winds, Friday felt fairly cold. Fine to be out in with … Continue reading Snow Chance